The Zone's Rifflandia 10 :: #ImAZoner

Opublikowany 28 wrz 2017
wyświetleń 193

The tenth anniversary Rifflandia festival was a celebration of great music, all the throwbacks, and being a Zoner.
Our wrap video for 2017 features Moby​, DJ Z Trip​, Bonobo​ , A Tribe Called Red​, July Talk, Five Alarm Funk​, Yukon Blonde​, Leeroy Stagger​, Busty and the Bass​, Dear Rouge​, Dream Warriors​, Said The Whale​, The Glorious Sons​, Charlotte Day Wilson​, Ralph, The Brass​, Kytami, Fallbrigade, Lovecoast, Jesse Roper, Band of Rascals​, Too Many Zooz, Hannah Georgas​, Twin Bandit​, WiL​, Youngblood​, The Choir, #DancingArthur, and Zoners like you! =)
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Shot and directed by webmeister Bud. Edited by Lauren Duggan and webmeister Bud.
Music - Five Alarm Funk - Widowmaker