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#MORBIUS - watch the teaser trailer now. In theaters this summer.
One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.
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Jared Leto
Matt Smith
Adria Arjona
Jared Harris
Al Madrigal
with Tyrese Gibson
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  • tasnim hossain

    tasnim hossain

    6 minut temu

    jared leto looks like jesus

  • Cronusiedd 25

    Cronusiedd 25

    9 minut temu

    It's just a vampire... Nothing epic to me it's just common, now obviously I don't know about this guy because I'm not a marvel fan, I'm a DC fan so to all the marvel fans out there what so special about this murbios guy that he end up meeting with the vulture? What can you guys tell me about him?



    12 minut temu

    The name of song in the trailer is

    Für Elise
    Thank me later

  • Mai Mohamed

    Mai Mohamed

    12 minut temu

    The music 😍✨👏🎶

  • Richmon Bates

    Richmon Bates

    13 minut temu

    Honestly think Jared Leto will redeem himself as well as pulling it off as this character in Marvel

  • Haniyya Fathimaaa

    Haniyya Fathimaaa

    13 minut temu

    0:33 song anyone??

  • pudding chan

    pudding chan

    16 minut temu

    The reason why Joker dumped Harley quinn😂😂

  • Minesh Mandia

    Minesh Mandia

    19 minut temu

    Piano music ??

  • I Hate Sand

    I Hate Sand

    22 minut temu

    Vampire: Attacks the city
    Spiderman: Takes a bite of his hotdog

  • Shrey Rastogi

    Shrey Rastogi

    29 minut temu

    Just one word," WOW "

  • Simon Grenier

    Simon Grenier

    43 minut temu

    So, this trailer has a trailer. Great. We're in for a treat guys.

  • Sir Dankleberry

    Sir Dankleberry

    45 minut temu

    *Spider-Man 3 flashbacks intensify*

  • jay%20v


    47 minut temu

    Thought #1: OMG The Doctor's in this??
    Thought #2: Wait where's his bowtie?
    Thought #3: Oh, it's just Matt Smith :(

  • Tushar


    51 minuta temu

    That piano music is melodious!!!

  • rana prathap singh. bondili

    rana prathap singh. bondili

    52 minut temu

    Are nobody going to talk about the beethoven's music at the beginning? It's fricking awesome with this trailer.

  • Tyson Bush

    Tyson Bush

    54 minut temu

    morbius is a interesting chara c ter to explore I mean I'm definitely going to wait til I see it before I give judgement but it looks promising looks dark and creepy and violent which is what should be what's in a morbius movie

  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton

    54 minut temu


  • Cherebrinka1


    Godzinę temu

    Джаред шикарен

  • Sarang Kulkarni

    Sarang Kulkarni

    Godzinę temu

    Who is the person in 2:12 he kinda looks like tom holland but i am not sure

  • Remorseless One

    Remorseless One

    Godzinę temu

    Seems hacky...hasn’t this movie already been done 100x..?

  • Tapio Alatalo

    Tapio Alatalo

    Godzinę temu

    1:07 And no one noticed it's a terminally ill Joker looking for a cure in the batcave
    1:38 Batman reference
    2:37 The Joker walks into Batman
    This teaser is full of Batman stuff probably because of Michael Keaton

  • Raihan Ahamad

    Raihan Ahamad

    Godzinę temu

    0:33 does anyone familiar with this background music ?

  • Aldieri Leon

    Aldieri Leon

    Godzinę temu

    Spiderman murderer what

  • Fauzy Daha

    Fauzy Daha

    Godzinę temu

    He was the real Batman

  • El Rocky Raccoon

    El Rocky Raccoon

    Godzinę temu

    On one side, I don't think Morbius is interesting enough to have his own solo movie. On the other side, if this idea of giving villains their own movies so they could be introduced in the heroes movies later could make them more relatable and make audiences more invested on them; and people always said the most Marvel villains in the MCU lacked depth, so this could be a way to remedy it.



    Godzinę temu

    it's gonna be boomm!!!

  • pepi sopiah

    pepi sopiah

    Godzinę temu

    Film yang mengagungkan setan lagi.setan lagi. Coba bikin film itu yang mengandalkan kekuatan doa dari TUHAN.melawan kejahatan si iblis.itu baru mantap.jadi makin kita bisa lawan itu kekuatan dari si iblis.

  • Connor White

    Connor White

    Godzinę temu

    He could be called Batman

  • Juho Mäkinen

    Juho Mäkinen

    Godzinę temu

    Apparently Morbius is working for Finnish medicine company Orion Pharma... Their theme song is Für Elise 😅

  • vishal gai

    vishal gai

    Godzinę temu

    DC: We are getting Bill as our new Joker.
    Marvel : YES

  • Derek Dodson

    Derek Dodson

    Godzinę temu

    I can already tell I'm not going to like this man.

  • Jank


    Godzinę temu


  • Joel Desabandu

    Joel Desabandu

    Godzinę temu

    Why does this trailer remind me so much of joker

  • sabre tooth tiger

    sabre tooth tiger

    Godzinę temu

    There's a bat in the city

    Tobey:-i vl deal with that bat,when u fix this DAMmmmNn door

  • Andre Newton

    Andre Newton

    Godzinę temu

    "Morbius onre your are creared for trake orf."

  • Özgür Çetinkaya

    Özgür Çetinkaya

    Godzinę temu

    2:10 Tobey Maguire Suit ?

  • Ash


    Godzinę temu

    The backround music is fur Elise

  • Taha Muzammil

    Taha Muzammil

    Godzinę temu

    People: are Sony and marvel universe combining together?
    Donnie yen: something like that

  • You Suck At Reading

    You Suck At Reading

    Godzinę temu

    10m view

  • Kaweeshwara 666

    Kaweeshwara 666

    Godzinę temu

    Me to Jared i too Don't want to see you hurt more than you already have

  • Joel Perez

    Joel Perez

    2 godzin temu

    When you follow the jokers footsteps but fail but try to be Batman so badly and fail

  • Blood


    2 godzin temu

    Marvel actors cannot act in DCEU.
    DC actors cannot act in MCU.
    Jared Leto.. Mesa found a loophole :D

  • The Nightless Fall

    The Nightless Fall

    2 godzin temu

    2:12 Doctor Who!?

  • Hicko


    2 godzin temu

    why is this so hype

  • Rodney Laur

    Rodney Laur

    2 godzin temu

    Hopefully, this will be R-rated. If not then it's gonna fail.

  • Reece Dinsdale

    Reece Dinsdale

    2 godzin temu

    this is the real batman

  • Mass Bass

    Mass Bass

    2 godzin temu

    At 2:09 you can see a spider man paint in the back ground

  • y.a. v.p.

    y.a. v.p.

    2 godzin temu

    Marvel's The Batman😎😎😎

  • Tamás Tóth

    Tamás Tóth

    2 godzin temu

    Oh oh, the Doctor needs to save the day again 😂

  • rayhan rasya

    rayhan rasya

    2 godzin temu


  • Fadjrin Nor

    Fadjrin Nor

    2 godzin temu

    Real "Batman"

  • Bubba Kushii

    Bubba Kushii

    2 godzin temu

    Got the joker dude now being the bat dude and the old Batman doing marvel . Cheeky haha

  • Paul Marchano

    Paul Marchano

    2 godzin temu

    They need to give Jared Leto some decent roles again. He’s got a ton of potential, but I feel he keeps getting these weird side character roles with no room to grow at all. “The Foreigner”, “Blade Runner”, “Suicide Squad”, and now this? But I guess we’ll see.

  • Benigno Saldo

    Benigno Saldo

    2 godzin temu

    Fur Elise ! Is the background music if not mistaken

  • Soham Paul

    Soham Paul

    2 godzin temu

    any Indians???

  • GRV


    2 godzin temu

    At least is something new. is it, right!!🤔

  • Cameron Macfarlane

    Cameron Macfarlane

    2 godzin temu

    I know Spider-Mans identity has been revealed by mysterio but if not do you think the vulture would have told people

  • 岑海伦


    2 godzin temu


  • emperor palpamemes

    emperor palpamemes

    2 godzin temu

    The trailer felt like a cheap a movie like venom trailer

  • Fiqih Tarrant

    Fiqih Tarrant

    2 godzin temu

    I hope there is spiderman and venom fighting cameo