Life in Berlin, Germany for an Indian - Raknas from India

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Raknas from India shares his experience on what life is like in Berlin, Germany.

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    Montana Clive

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  • Ajay Kumar

    Ajay Kumar

    3 dni temu

    Q:Is there any kind of racism to Indians ?

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    love from india... His Confidence !

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    Gurus Chauhan

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    Spot me plz 👆👆👆👆👆



    6 dni temu

    What is your monthly income ??

  • Đëàťh Śťřøkė

    Đëàťh Śťřøkė

    6 dni temu

    Kale kalutese pta ni kyu ma chudane jate h bahar.. Dusri countries ko bhi sda rhe h bosdike

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    Kazi Sarowar Hossain

    7 dni temu

    Hey bro! loved your speech

  • avinash swamy

    avinash swamy

    7 dni temu

    Hi sir i wanna come to Germany to work can u help me present im working in Dubai and my work profession is CNC milling operator mechanical field can u help me sir

    • avinash swamy

      avinash swamy

      7 dni temu

      I'm trying still to come 5 yrs to Germany but no one is help me sir

  • Mik Be

    Mik Be

    9 dni temu

    Namasté Raknasji, you guy seem to be quite willing and able to bear hardships and to suffer: we Germans often go to "the south" i.e., to Thailand, Goa, or Sri Lanka to escape the German winter. Difficult to understand your motivations for such an endeavour! Enjoy your time in "Merkel's Antifaland"!

  • Tom Huth

    Tom Huth

    9 dni temu

    You forgot mentioning how emotionally distant and repressed germans are. Right?

  • Desi Learn German

    Desi Learn German

    10 dni temu

    3:30 oh wow same case here. Let them have your food, and they would love it :P

  • Desi Learn German

    Desi Learn German

    10 dni temu

    1:42 also in Pakistan. How relatable! I also found studies here friendly and far more relaxed as compared to homeland :)

  • ajay singh

    ajay singh

    11 dni temu

    Hiii sir am from India and now am working at Czech republic sir I want to talk with you about some discussion..... So how to contact you

  • Sw


    11 dni temu

    Before you guys come over her, learn the German language first, you will have a big advantage, 90 % of people have to go back because of their poor german speaking skills.
    Since they can not find a job or socialize with the europen environment!

  • pavan kumar

    pavan kumar

    12 dni temu

    Sir I'm a complete. MSC microbiology...How can apply jobs for Germany.....Need to learn german language...

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    ankit ghate

    14 dni temu

    how can i apply for accomdation in berlin

  • Shivam Tiwari

    Shivam Tiwari

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    you just wrote his name backwards..

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    20 dni temu

    How much I can earn in part time job per month??



    20 dni temu

    I don't have abitur and have lot of gap in studies. Am I eligible to study in Germany

  • Urveshi Bhatia

    Urveshi Bhatia

    22 dni temu

    Like how you say " cold "...♥️♥️

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    24 dni temu

    But how do u speak without learning it first., i doubt ,hehe

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    Vikram M

    25 dni temu

    German is my favorite language. Germans are the people I love. Germany is my favorite country.

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    Nice video created and great job,keep it are rocking.

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    I have never seen anyone explaining things this clearly as you did.thanks mate 😊🙏💯✔👆

  • Jadiyappa H

    Jadiyappa H

    Miesiąc temu

    Sir I want to come Germany
    Im looking jobs in electrical engineering field

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    Bhawna gaur

    Miesiąc temu

    Thanks for your inputs.....I think these are key

  • your daadbitch

    your daadbitch

    Miesiąc temu

    How much did it cost for you and how you managed your budget

  • muruganandam muppudathi

    muruganandam muppudathi

    Miesiąc temu


  • Anton Vierkant

    Anton Vierkant

    Miesiąc temu

    eyyy I live in Berlin nice Video!

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    Graue Eminenz

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    Really nice. Best wishes for you.



    Miesiąc temu

    I am Mechanical Engineer please any recruitment for Engineer please tell me

  • New Balance 2019 USA

    New Balance 2019 USA

    Miesiąc temu

    Come to Germany only if You are ready to eat pork{pig}. Germans will never accept & respect You unless You eat pig meat!💛💛💛💛🧡🧡💙💙💙💖💖💖💝💝💝💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️🍉🍉🍉

  • New Balance 2019 USA

    New Balance 2019 USA

    Miesiąc temu

    German people are cold & reserved and mostly unfriendly towards Indians very much! Why not study in English-speaking countries that have friendlier & cultivated people too? There is absolutely nothing that would attract me to uncultivated Germans. Main problem are the cold people with alien attitude specially towards Indians & Nepali & Bangladeshis & Pakistanis!
    Better shift to USA or Australia with friendly & cultivated people! Sooo much better in USA!

    • Tina S

      Tina S

      Miesiąc temu

      Germany is multicultural not only Germans live Here

  • George Argyris

    George Argyris

    Miesiąc temu

    India is one of the next supper power counties.Europe dies,in fascism and xenophobia..!China,India,Brazil,S.Africa is the future.

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    Rough Book

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    I need help. I am production engineer myself. But I want to switch to managerial thing. How is international sports and event management?

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    Chakisha Chakisha

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    Hi bro I am Indian..... U r looking like Tamilan..... ☺( 6.12.19 ) 11.57pm

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    I love Germany , Germany is best country in the world

  • 난순돌맘


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    Actually, Indians are generally very respectful of the local culture they live in. Even in Seoul,Korea most of Indians adapt Korean culture without any resistance and learn to speak Korean very well relatively faster than other foreigners.

  • time waste

    time waste

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    Thanks for your opinion sir
    I'm also a industrial and production engineering student

  • Ancy George

    Ancy George

    2 miesięcy temu

    Please make videos for students who are looking for UG courses how can they survive in germany what are best courses and universities in berlin accommodation problems part time jobs

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    I can't cook. so, I think its a big problem for me.

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    Roli Jain

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    Peace Seeker

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    Beautiful video. Kudos bro

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    Appointment with friend🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    Mr. Craig

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    I hv everything in india i.e filthy rich but I think is it necessary to slog my ass in other countries thou I m good in my country



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    Incredible India

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  • Rushikesh Ubale

    Rushikesh Ubale

    2 miesięcy temu

    How you did friendship with germans ?
    Are they friendly??

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    Chutiya indian

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    Give me your contact sir .please guide me sir.pls

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    His name shankar not raknas....

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    Jermany ke stralsund ka tour karo

  • Subham Bhattacharjee

    Subham Bhattacharjee

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    Sir would you please tell me about the job scope in travel and tourism industry at Germany

  • Prashant Sawant

    Prashant Sawant

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    Thank you Shankar... Your tips are very helpful & motivating... Thank you for Sharing...

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  • Kim


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    I am Korean. I wanna study in germany and work in it. I hope the day comes soon. Ich know das Deutschlandlied. I like Joshua Kimmich

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    invincibles invincibles

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    Sir, I am masters in production engineering please suggest me how to do PhD from Germany.

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    Holiance Holi

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    Plz send ur whtsup numbr.... M irfan from India gujarat....