I Sparred KSI Before He Beat Logan Paul (FULL FOOTAGE)

Opublikowany 20 lis 2019
wyświetleń 909 145

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  • New beast

    New beast

    Dzień temu

    Jj got shid on his shirt

  • Yo Papi

    Yo Papi

    3 dni temu

    Jj can’t box for shit

  • RJ packs123

    RJ packs123

    6 dni temu

    4:10 your welcome

  • Meme Lover

    Meme Lover

    11 dni temu

    Y is this in the Minishaw playlist

  • Conn Benn

    Conn Benn

    14 dni temu

    You know it’s a cuntfreezy video when there’s 15 mins of bollocks before the video starts

  • Give us an A plz Except Colby

    Give us an A plz Except Colby

    14 dni temu

    Why didn’t ksi fight like this in the Logan fight he would have destroyed him

  • Fire Gang#gc

    Fire Gang#gc

    16 dni temu

    Subb on my Chanel for 100 years of not good luck god luck

  • King Conversion

    King Conversion

    16 dni temu

    Freezy vs Alex wasabi

  • Kevin Verschuuren

    Kevin Verschuuren

    16 dni temu

    Champions league is a good thing

  • Jock Knew

    Jock Knew

    17 dni temu

    These YouTubers who suck up KSI’s ass is the reason his ego is out of control

  • Raul Gomez

    Raul Gomez

    17 dni temu

    Ay straight up some of JJ’s combos was full anime mode

  • Kosta Kosta

    Kosta Kosta

    17 dni temu

    I want your penis ksi

  • Marcis Arajs

    Marcis Arajs

    17 dni temu

    What was this bullshit?

  • Johnny 1000subs?

    Johnny 1000subs?

    17 dni temu

    january 2040 I cant be the only one???👍

  • joe kingston

    joe kingston

    17 dni temu

    Taco Tuesday bud

  • Shiraz Smith

    Shiraz Smith

    17 dni temu

    what’s the music at 2:27 ?

  • VC_Ghost


    18 dni temu

    6:53 look at that swing xD jj is just playing with him lol

  • Freya Kerrigan

    Freya Kerrigan

    18 dni temu

    Everyone likes there own comment first to start it of right?

  • Ane Kofe

    Ane Kofe

    18 dni temu


  • imbadatfortnite imbadatfortnite

    imbadatfortnite imbadatfortnite

    18 dni temu

    Wait did JJ try to become Logan because of his blonde hair

  • Brandon Middlebrough

    Brandon Middlebrough

    19 dni temu

    Taco tuesday

  • Kim Jong

    Kim Jong

    19 dni temu

    Bet his birthday is on Tuesday

  • Supreme Jellyfam

    Supreme Jellyfam

    19 dni temu

    He acting like ksi a world champion😂🤣

  • Raphael Vermaelen

    Raphael Vermaelen

    19 dni temu

    Ethan looking chizzled damnn

  • fojoman223


    19 dni temu

    But, The club goin up on a Tuesday!

  • Aaron#1


    19 dni temu

    The things that ksi did in training he didn’t do in the fight.....besides the jabs probably



    19 dni temu

    Ur holding back bro.. U should go all out..remember, u got legs and ur white

  • MnogoSam Brzz

    MnogoSam Brzz

    19 dni temu

    That was when miniminter was getting him only red skittles lol

  • Gunther !

    Gunther !

    19 dni temu

    Club going up.... On a.... Tuesday

  • MohoNoCap


    19 dni temu

    But you are white and you have legs how did this happen

  • KWS_Beast12J


    19 dni temu

    Every single vid he has the same pink shorts on😂

  • sentido


    19 dni temu

    bro watching ksi fight is like playing a game with 50ms response time on console his movement is so bad

  • Izzy Souraya

    Izzy Souraya

    19 dni temu

    Idk how people can stand to listen to this guy, damn

  • Merick Cro

    Merick Cro

    19 dni temu

    Bitchass Nigga recorded a whole half a vlog and named the video this. Bumped that hoe up to 10 mins while he at it. White and you got legs. I hate white people who got legs damnit.

  • bro from bro army

    bro from bro army

    20 dni temu

    "name on good thing that happens on tuesdays"
    i get my weekly dose of shonen anime: black clover

  • TheChaoticWolf


    20 dni temu

    Hes got legs, and hes white!

  • isis am i right

    isis am i right

    20 dni temu

    So this is the power of ultra insctinct

  • Ethan 809134

    Ethan 809134

    20 dni temu

    Next you should spar Vidal

  • Big Fan of MrBeast

    Big Fan of MrBeast

    20 dni temu

    So slow!!!

  • NoFX IlluZiioN

    NoFX IlluZiioN

    20 dni temu

    Bruh, your thumbnail is more photoshopped than my dick pics.