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Opublikowany 9 cze 2019
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The rich in Germany been never been as well-off as they are today and assets have never been so unevenly distributed. But who are they? How do they live? And what do they think of their country? A journey into the discreet world of the super-rich.
One percent of Germans own over a quarter of the country's assets, whilst half of the country’s citizens have no assets at all. But while the German media report on the growing poverty in the country on a daily basis, little is known about the super-rich. They keep a very low profile and can walk the streets unrecognized. "Manager Magazin” says there were around 200 billionaires living in Germany in 2018, and their numbers are increasing. The documentary "Top of the World" asks why rich Germans are so unwilling to talk about their wealth. Its author immerses himself in the discreet world of big money and meets financial advisors with 800 years of family tradition behind them and billionaires such as drugstore king Dirk Rossmann and mail-order company heir Michael Otto - as well as a self-made businessmen such as Rainer Schaller. They talk about their notions of money and justice, the origins of their wealth and their fear of social envy.

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  • S


    Godzinę temu

    Why am I watching this....
    Anybody has same Qs!

  • Native Ads Lab

    Native Ads Lab

    7 godzin temu

    Exactly. Truly rich people want to fly under the radar. And so would I. There'll always be someone who wants to take it away from you.

  • Joel Fernando

    Joel Fernando

    11 godzin temu

    Merkel is a socialist!

  • Swiss Lady Driver

    Swiss Lady Driver

    16 godzin temu

    If you have money in Germany, you'd better act discreet or else everyone will be sickeningly envious of you.

  • Ken


    20 godzin temu

    Nothing new to see here but a bunch of rich people with more money than they need flashing it to people who are barely surviving

  • winry Elric

    winry Elric

    Dzień temu

    Is the Guy in the right at 0:41 wearing pants with brief picture??😅

  • maleman julpax

    maleman julpax

    Dzień temu

    It's about equality to opportunity, not equality of outcome; otherwise it's all about jealousy. How come that's it's their fault that they it their ancestors invested and worked in their ideas? It's smart for them to keep their profile low.

  • أحمد العراقي

    أحمد العراقي

    Dzień temu

    It is Germany, how I wish to visit it and realize one of the following: Is my wish possible?

  • Ishwar Yumnam

    Ishwar Yumnam

    Dzień temu

    1:31 James Bond is on a mission

  • posh tiger

    posh tiger

    Dzień temu

    American borrow money to show off ha ha ha

  • Frank Deroti

    Frank Deroti

    2 dni temu

    Germanicus was right.

  • vito steven

    vito steven

    2 dni temu

    Long live capitalist germany hahaha the irony

  • Vio Vio

    Vio Vio

    2 dni temu

    Tipical german. They have money but they prefer to work and keep their money in a bank account instead of living their live and stress free, enjoy their families, nature, food. They are all trapped in a office working and making more money. They don't realise that we are all gone die one day.

  • Andrezzi


    2 dni temu

    Hey If any billionaire is still searching for a successor hit me up i can sell ice to Eskimos.

  • Silvia N.

    Silvia N.

    2 dni temu

    This reminds me of the lives of the rich in Japan. Everyone should live this way, it lessens division among the people when the rich are not showing off.

  • siw_


    3 dni temu

    You're so rich yet can't let your son fulfill his dream. What a selfish father.

  • Poyraz Akbaba

    Poyraz Akbaba

    3 dni temu

    I was been there a cop while in germany he says like this we are not rich our heart rich

  • Daniel Yeoda

    Daniel Yeoda

    3 dni temu

    The hotel seems like something Mr. 47 will visit, or had visited...

  • Robert MacNaughton

    Robert MacNaughton

    3 dni temu

    Old white men and their trophy wives. Not my style.

  • evajorun


    3 dni temu

    Most European don’t like to show off their status, they work and behave like normal people!!! If here in Europe we see someone that goes out showing how much and what they have, we know they are foreigners from some other second- or third-world country!!! It isn’t seen as “Niveau”, it is considered low and insensitive!!!

  • Mycenaea


    5 dni temu

    Wish I was this rich so I could never leave my apartment again and stop having to interact with other people lol.

  • Shana Nb

    Shana Nb

    5 dni temu

    Rich or poor Or health.

  • Anggi Rahmat

    Anggi Rahmat

    5 dni temu

    perhaps Scrooge McDuck is chinese, not germany



    5 dni temu

    🔥🔥 1:02 💚🔥
    👇 👇 👇🔥

  • hamid bozorg

    hamid bozorg

    5 dni temu

    What a cold blooded people and depressing country

  • Alchemxst Xavier

    Alchemxst Xavier

    6 dni temu

    Some people are so POOR - all they have is MONEY. 😌😎

  • Albert McMullen

    Albert McMullen

    7 dni temu

    Envy is the problem with the poor. What society fails to realize is that its the poor who are the problem.

    • Evan O

      Evan O

      6 dni temu

      Albert McMullen you will never be rich lol

  • Tamera James

    Tamera James

    8 dni temu

    And they are all white... these people become rich by robbing Africa and made money off the backs of black people

    • Tamera James

      Tamera James

      6 dni temu

      Evan O exactly! I’m not going to praise the oppressors

    • Evan O

      Evan O

      6 dni temu

      Tamera James thank you for saying this because it makes me so sad seeing people worship them in the comments section

  • koko keboy

    koko keboy

    8 dni temu

    there's a lot of poor old german scattered in south east asia looking for wife...


  • Devender Singh

    Devender Singh

    8 dni temu

    I watched it .you tube are happy now



    8 dni temu

    Poor people stab each other in the back more than the rich

  • LOADING...


    8 dni temu

    I watched these kind of video so I can get their vibes and learn something.

  • Eydan Fenerman

    Eydan Fenerman

    10 dni temu

    this dude is a lost soul

  • Przemek Zawislak

    Przemek Zawislak

    10 dni temu

    if they are so rich, it's time to give back Poland what was taken. We still remember second war...

  • vib


    10 dni temu

    6:26 " hymens " family / i found no data for them on internet only found them in some titles send if anyone found something

  • Nayan Mipun

    Nayan Mipun

    11 dni temu

    Liquid Cash flow is more important just financial valuation is not enough

  • Johan W

    Johan W

    11 dni temu

    1.2k poor people disliked this video. Envy much?

  • Shawn D

    Shawn D

    11 dni temu

    All of the white people/ sarc

  • Aravind C

    Aravind C

    12 dni temu

    comrades, To berlin again...., now for Karl Marx

  • MrAlexWatching


    13 dni temu

    Fun fact 1: There are currently 650 000 recorded homeless people in Germany. 22 000 of them are underage ascending numbers due to lack of council homes.
    Fun fact 2: Although the German government spends a lot of tax money for building council homes they only managed to buld 20 000 last year when there is an annual need of at least 80 000
    Fun fact 3: A Billionaire owns at least 1000 Million €.
    Fun fact 4: The sole existence of billionaires is despicable.

  • Grega


    13 dni temu

    German or not.. still makes me sick. We all could have ENOUGH, but capitalism happened lol

  • Bohdan Trotsenko

    Bohdan Trotsenko

    13 dni temu

    Gibt es diese Sendung auf Deutsch?

  • Hiroko Morioka

    Hiroko Morioka

    15 dni temu

    Rich or poor Germans have reputation for frugality. They were poor before the defeat of W.W.II. Their pre-war economy was led by the Jews and handful of old establishment. Need more vigorous emergence of new entrepreneurs. The old time is gone.

  • AmazingSase


    15 dni temu

    I like German, they are humble and down to earth people

  • Zac Muturi

    Zac Muturi

    15 dni temu

    2:54 "Collectively the guests at this elegant evening are worth billions of euros."
    If you can't state the exact figure just omit it..

  • fingerhorn4


    16 dni temu

    If there is one thing even more tedious than the super rich it is those who are obsessed by them. What a pointless job - being fascinated by them and making lists of them. Of course the super wealthy don't want publicity. What do you expect? And it is not surprising that a large proportion of the wealth is solely on account of inflating property prices. ie: doing nothing productive but at the same time just making basic living costs exponentially more expensive for everyonre else.

  • eeehmm what

    eeehmm what

    17 dni temu

    The Discreet lifes of the Super rich.
    *shows rich people getting out of their ferraris and going into a private castle*

  • John Roddy

    John Roddy

    21 dzień temu

    No shortage of hair Dye

  • tare500


    22 dni temu

    The narator lady sounds just like Diana from Hitman.

  • Will Campbell

    Will Campbell

    22 dni temu

    How surprising...the uber-wealthy don't see any problem with the wealth inequality in Germany that keeps them rich...........

  • Helina Solomon

    Helina Solomon

    22 dni temu

    What if all these people decided to combine their forces for the good
    Imagine if the type and amount of problems you solved was the measure for real wealth

  • GG


    22 dni temu

    6:01 wow manager magazine really betrayed mr machmeyer (sp?) calling him second tier wealth 😂

    • Ma Pa

      Ma Pa

      7 dni temu

      He is though. ^^

  • Thess95


    22 dni temu

    I had no idea there are so rich people in Germany the hid eit so much! respect!

  • Happy Chuck Programming

    Happy Chuck Programming

    23 dni temu

    so much money sloshing around the world

  • Fabbyy


    23 dni temu

    Its interesting their asset manager should say "its extremely difficult to keep big fortunes together", cause there will always be people who are saying "the rich control everything and we're all just their puppets" that statement shows me once again that my assumption is actually correct.
    Yes the rich do get special conditions and advantages everywhere in the system but at its core, they are still subject to the system and its rules /physics. They too, like any other family struggle with the same things, its just on a bigger scale. So the average small german isn't really a toy of the rich, the politicians aren't necessarily controlled by the rich or lobby but instead we have a system thats simply designed to reward those who're really successful. Which is where the mony comes from, and why a gap between rich and poor can evolve. The system is designed to invoke just what we see today. And noone really has the power to control or wield it to their advantage.

  • senseo


    24 dni temu

    A German guy I met during summer talked about this. I actually thought he was bullshitting and am surprised that he's not.

  • Google User

    Google User

    25 dni temu

    Lazy people complain, resent and agonise whereas others achieve 👍

  • arnauuu1


    25 dni temu

    Why are billionaires still around? Isn't time that they are taxed out of existence? It is plain and obvious that nobody needs billions, but further, with all the economic and social drama around, nobody DESERVES billions, not even the person who finds a cure for cancer. Right now, the wealthiest 80 something people in this world own as much as the poorest FREAKING HALF OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. There's absolutely no justification for this. This shouldn't even be considered a left-wing thing, a socialist thing, or a whatever-you-want-to-call-it- thing; this is all about justice. Shouldn't we all agree on it, like we all agree on the prohibition of torture, rape, murder, etc? It isn't just about economic inequality, but about political inequality as well. Someone please explain me how democracy can work in a situation in which the top 1% own most of the cake and this allows them to buy politicians, laws, the judiciary, wars, etc. I mean, are we insane or what? Honestly, I find it mindblowing that so many people try to justify it.

  • Kevicselie Sekhose

    Kevicselie Sekhose

    25 dni temu

    I like earning money, not swim it

  • Cool Down

    Cool Down

    26 dni temu

    Oh my... Those German Blonde Girls !!!