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Golec uOrkiestra
Golec uOrkiestra

Oficjalna witryna zespołu.
Welcome to official channel of band GOLEC uORKIESTRA from Poland.
Pop, Folk, Jazz, Rock and roll- plays The Twins "Golec Brothers "

LUKASZ GOLEC - vocal, trumpet, flugelhorn, hornpipes, long shepherds horn, cowbells, horsebells
PAWEL GOLEC - vocal, trombone, tuba, long shepherds horn
Golec uOrkiestra (Orchestra) is a following step in music development of Golec brothers. The idea of combination of highland music (from Karpaty) with jazz, pop and rock and roll emerged during meetings and playing with friends. Golec uOrkiestra the Beskidy highlanders of 21st century as was described by Janusz Stoklosa they operate violin, dulcimer, accordion, as well as flugelhorn, trombone or percussion with an equal mastery: gaily, colorfully, with balls and in their own way. Argentina has its Piazzola, Serbia has its Goran. Beskidy finally have Golec